The Football League goes back to the future (VIDEO)

29st April 2016, just another day? Most may think so, but the date is an iconic one – based on a certain film released 26 years ago.
Back To The Future 2 was released in 1989, and today marks the date that Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown plugged into their dashboard and subsequently time-travelled to.

It was 26th October 1985 when Marty and Dr. Brown set off in their DeLorean and ventured 30 years into the future, but the scriptwriters inexplicably overlooked The Football League, and therefore it’s down to us to let them know what’s happened in those three decades since.

On the date they left, current Football League clubs Portsmouth, Reading and Mansfield Town were top of Division Two, Three and Four respectively – 30 years on and those clubs are having good starts to the season.
Portsmouth and Mansfield are both going strong in Sky Bet League 2, sitting second and fourth after 14 games, while Reading are third in the Sky Bet Championship. Although the travelling twosome may have been left scratching their heads over the change to the English league system, which came into play in 1992.
They would have also stumbled across both the Play-Offs and relegation from The Football League – two major changes which were introduced to English football in 1987.