20 INSANE Open Goal Misses in Football (VIDEO)

Honestly, it’s impressive that Dennis van Duinen found a way to miss from this distance, so… kudos? Unfortunately for van Duinen, Harkemase would go on to lose the game 3.Having rounded the Capelle goalkeeper and faced with an absolutely vacant net, he proceeded to loft the ball clear over the crossbar from 10 yards out.And, just to make matters several times worse, Harkemase went on to lose the game 3-2, with the winner coming in the 95th minute!
Jones made the bench for the 2-0 win over Swansea City in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday and although he did not play, The France international’s form has waned over at the Bernabeu, with Benzema on target just twice so far this season.
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