The most expensive squads in Europe

aking a look at the teams currently in the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, the Bundesliga and Serie A – but not including players loaned in or out – the research shows that England’s top flight dominates when it comes to valuable players.In fact five of the top seven most valuable squads are from the Premier League, and 10 of the top 30.Six of the top 30 are from Spain, three from France, seven from Italy and four from Germany.Interestingly, it is Paris Saint-Germain who also make the top seven – and not Barcelona, who sit eighth.Other Premier League interest in the top 20 comes from Tottenham, Southampton and Sunderland.David Moyes’s Sunderland team is in real danger of being relegated from the Premier League, despite having a squad that is reportedly worth €164m.