On point He was destroying Milan with his formations

I had done well with the Rossoneri and we were on the verge of signing the contract, then Pippo Inzaghi arrived and made other choices. Returning to QPR after playing in the Champions League alongside stars like Kaka really hurt.I made friends there too, as Mario Balotelli was here three weeks ago in Genoa to see me, while I went to see him in Monaco. He is like me, we both need affection. He has an enormous heart and has found a President at Nice who cares for him, so he’ll become great again.Taking on Milan is emotional for me now, as I had six wonderful months there at a fantastic club. Now they have changed so much, it’s not easy to build a team with 11 new players, but it’s important for all of Italian football that Milan are trying to get back to the top.I know what it’s like playing for Milan, as after 20 minutes if there isn’t a goal, the pressure starts to become unsustainable.

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