Players Emotinal Moments 2017 must watch (Video HD)

Lionel Messi’s tears after losing a third final in three years, Copa America, 4 July 2015 in Santiago’s Estadio Nacional, Chile.The time for football maestro and Barcelona Legend Xavi Hernandez to leave Camp Nou had come. He helped the Barcelona to win a treble in his last season at Barca. But what was moving was the time he woke up to say goodbye to a club.This was probably the most difficult time in Iker Casillas career. The only Club he has ever known in his entire life as a footballer was turning away from him. From 1990-2015 he was proud to be a Madridista but now it was time to say goodbye.
Cristiano Ronaldo in tears after losing EURO 2004 to Greece at the Luz Stadium on July 4, 2004 in Lisbon Portugal.

Players Emotinal Moments 2017 must watch:

Gerrard slip against Chelsea that cost them the title.
Retirement of the veterans Totti and Xavi two players who gave their heart and soul to their clubs.
Atletico Madrid missing again on the UCL win against neighbours Real. (Could t watch Torres )
Death of Bradley Lowery, the ardent fan of Sunderland who lost to Cancer and was loved by all specially by Jermaine Defoe
Argentina losing the final of the Copa America .
Iker Cassilas being told to leave the club by Perez , really broke the
The sack of Claudio Raneiri by Leicester after the greatest story in the history of the Epl.

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