Pinball in Football – Double Goal Post Hits (Video HD)

David Beckham had plenty of ups and downs throughout his career, but it speaks volumes that the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and England star is almost universally loved.

Given he became the global face of the game, Beckham is now often thought of as a celebrity first and foremost.

But it should not be forgotten just how good a footballer the former England captain was.

Watch video Pinball in Football – Double Goal Post Hits:

Similarly, his appearance – let’s just face it, he’s bloody handsome – means many people overlook the fact he was just as much about graft and hard work as he was about natural ability.

In fact, it is this aspect of Becks that many of his peers highlight as his greatest strength.

If we’re being honest, compiling these quotes made us feel quite warm and fuzzy. Just watch the video of all the free-kicks Golden Balls scored. You won’t regret it.