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Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion are going to wrap up the actin in the 27th round of English Premier League on Monday evening. Home side needs to break their negative streak and remain in the top four, while the visitors want to get away from the bottom spot.

After two straight defeats, Chelsea have slipped to the 4th position and they are just one point ahead of Tottenham Hotspur. It is very surprising that they were easily defeated by the teams from the bottom half of the table and they need to improve their performances urgently if they want to keep their Champions League spot.

Eden Hazard and the lads failed to win in their last two home games and in the last five matches, they have celebrated only one win. They need to improve their defensive work since the hosts have conceded seven goals in the last two matches.

West Bromwich Albion are bottom placed side and they are also having many troubles lately. In the last three occasions, they managed to pick up just a point and their forwards haven’t been very productive this season. Alan Pardew’s side celebrated only one away victory this season and have booked the highest number of draw matches.

The visitors need to start winning if they want to remain in the Premier League for the next season, and they are currently four points away from the safe zone.

Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion: Head-to-head
West Bromwich Albion celebrated their last win over Chelsea back in 2015 at home ground, and since then they remained undefeated only once. During that period, Chelsea booked four wins, and in the last three occasions The Blues were better side.

Their matches are often pretty efficient ones and the fans are able to enjoy very interesting clashes.

Chelsea v West Bromwich Albion: Prediction

Chelsea need to break their winless streak and get back on winning track. This is a great opportunity for the hosts since the worst team in the league is coming to town.

Since both teams have been involved in high scoring matches recently, this one should also go over 2.5 margin.

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