Andrew Redmayne Wins A-League Final With Incredible Penalty Saving Technique [VIDEO]

Sydney FC’s Andrew Redmayne has reinvented how to put players off taking penalties and won the A-League Grand Final for his team all at the same time with the most bizarre technique ever.

Penalty shoot outs are not a lottery. I’ve been wanting to get that off my chest for a while. Sure you can’t replicate the exact feeling of a shoot out but you can practice taking and saving them over and over again and effect how good you are. That’s like the opposite of a lottery.

One things penalty shoot outs are though is really bloody good. It’s easy to not think so when your team is involved in one, as England fans would have agreed with before last summer’s World Cup.

When you have no affiliation to either team though penalty shoot-outs are the best thing in football and fortunately we’ve been treated to a few in the past 10 days.

Chelsea’s Europa League semi final against Eintracht Frankfurt went to a shoot out and then so did Newport vs Mansfield, Charlton vs Doncaster and Aston Villa vs West Brom in the play-offs. Shootout bliss.

Charlton Athletic players celebrate on the pitch after winning the penalty shoot out

However nothing in those previous spot kicks has compared to Sydney FC’s goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne and his technique to put off takers and save penalties in the A-League Grand Final:

The Sky Blues had finished eight points behind their rivals in the league and Perth won their semi final on ‘pens’ but when they came up against Redmayne it was a whole new ball game.