VIDEO: Zlatan Ibrahimovic shows his skills with astonishing “matrix” challenge

It certainly won’t come as a huge surprise to the man himself, but Zlatan can do some pretty incredible things with the football.

A video has emerged of him doing a “matrix” challenge which involves balancing the ball while doing some slow motion moves. It’s pretty incredible but surely not useable in a game:

If you’ve read his book you will know he spent most of his young career trying outrageous flicks and skills during games until Fabio Capello decided to “beat the Ajax out of him” and turned him into a ruthless goal machine.

I’m not actually convinced I could do this without a ball but the Swedish star makes it look so effortless. You could only imagine the reaction of the opposition players if he attempted this in a game, perhaps it would be effective in the corner as a way to kill time?

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