Lionel Messi shows incredible control to dribble past three players vs Dortmund

Barcelona have been poor at times this season, it’s almost looked like their entire game plan is basically give it to Messi and hope he can carry them.

That’s exactly what happened tonight as he was completely outstanding in his 700th appearance for the club. He assisted two and scored one, but this run also provided a notable highlight from the match.

He does get a bit lucky with the ricochet, but he shows incredible balance and skill to drive past three players before slipping he ball wide to Luis Suarez:

It shows you how much Dortmund were focused on trying to stop Messi when they are zoned in on trying to close him down, but fail to track some of the runners. At one point there’s a five on two in Barca’s favour on the edge of the box.

He should so better with the pass, but he probably did enough in the game to get away with it.