Mateo Messi Is Truly A Legend!

Mateo Messi is quite famous among Barca fans, always attracting everyone’s attention with his jokes. The little ‘troll’ – as Messi himself once called his son – sometimes celebrates Barca opponents’ goals and cheers against his father just for fun.

In the interview with RAC1, Leo has once again confirmed that this is exactly how Mateo is in normal life.

The show host has jokingly asked if Barca captain knows that he is raising ‘a little monster’ in Mateo and Leo has eagerly confirmed that.

“Yes, we’re trying to reign him in a little. He is a complete bastard,” Messi said, laughing. “People laugh with the stories I tell, but then they meet him for five minutes and realize I wasn’t lying about anything.”

Leo has also recalled that Mateo loves calling him by the full name, copying the fans.