Jose Mourinho trolls journalist as he walks out of Tottenham press conference

It’s fair to say that Jose Mourinho wasn’t in a great mood after Tottenham’s defeat to RB Leipzig in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

Spurs have it all to do in the return leg next month in their Champions League round-of-16 tie, as a Timo Werner penalty gave the visitors a priceless win in north London this week.

During his press conference after the game, Mourinho had already refused to answer a reporter’s question as he claimed that it was ‘out or order’ to suggest that Tottenham played badly.

As seen in the video below, he wasn’t finished there either. While leaving to walk out of the press conference, it appears as though Mourinho directs one more jibe at the journalist in question by noting: “Great question mate”.

Accompanied by a thumbs up, it’s pretty clear the Portuguese tactician is being sarcastic, and so this is one press conference that the reporter won’t be forgetting any time soon.

In his defence he did hit back with a “great answer” response, as can be heard in the second video below, so at least he took it well…