Arsenal legend Thierry Henry offered landmark jersey back after priceless Robbie Savage confession

Robbie Savage has revealed that he snuck off with Thierry Henry’s Arsenal shirt when he bagged his 100th Premier League goal against Birmingham City.

As seen in the video below, the BT Sport pundit was talking about the incident, as he even revealed that he has framed the shirt in question at his house.

Savage meanwhile loved every minute of telling the story but fair play to him for offering it back…

Much to the shock of host Jake Humphrey, Savage recalled the story of how he snuck out of the dressing room to get away with the jersey after the Arsenal kitman came looking for it once Henry realised that it had significant meaning.

However, he has now insisted that he will be happy to return it to its rightful owner should Henry want it back, and so it remains to be seen if the French legend decides to get in touch and puts that framed shirt on his wall instead.