Paul Pogba trolls his own mum after nutmegging her in hilarious clip

Man Utd superstar Paul Pogba has hilariously trolled his own mum on Instagram after posting a video of him nutmegging her.

The pair were seemingly out for a walk as the lockdown continues due to the coronavirus, but it soon turned into a viral hit.

It’s a wonderful message in truth and so it’s a big W for Pogba on this one…

As seen in the clip below, Pogba decides he’s going to try a trick on his mum who in fairness looks like she’s game as she applies some pressure and closes him down.

However, it all goes horribly wrong for her as he ends up nutmegging her and is left in stitches as she walks off.

The whole thing is capped off with a brilliant caption, as Pogba notes: “When your mum tells you she played football before. Love and spend time with your parents before they leave this world. #nomercy #sonvsmum”.

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