Latest on the status of the FA Cup/Premier League clubs ‘determined’ to finish competition

Following a 2-month hiatus amid the COVID-19 crisis, progress towards the resumption of top-flight football in the UK has been made over the last couple of weeks.

At a meeting between Premier League shareholders earlier this month, it was reiterated that all 20 clubs intend to play out their remaining fixtures.

This was followed by a key step forward in the ‘Project Restart’ process this past Monday, when confirmation was forthcoming that a return to ‘small group training’ had been sanctioned.

‘Pulling out all the stops’

While the potential resumption of the Premier League has of course grabbed the majority of the UK’s sporting headlines of late, though, another major competition which has slipped somewhat under the radar amid the coronavius pandemic is the FA Cup.

Before football was brought to a halt, England’s premiere cup competition had reached the quarter-final stage, with all 8 remaining clubs plying their trade in the Premier League.

The widespread assumption, though, had long been that the hectic fixture list set to be brought about by the resumption of the league campaign would likely result in the FA Cup’s cancellation.

This would mark the first time in the competition’s 149-year history that the FA Cup would not be played to completion.

As outlined above, though, all hope of the tournament’s remaining rounds being played out has not yet been lost.

As per Mike McGrath of the Telegraph, though the priority remains finishing the Premier League season, there is a ‘determination’ among the remaining participants to also see out the FA Cup.

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