Legendary UEFA Champions League Goals [VIDEO]

This is a PERFECT example on how to use music in a positive way, adding emotion, and KEEPING the emotional crowd, original sound, narration and everything. A Masterpiece of montage. Congratulations, and thank you so much for this video and awesome production.

  • 3:29 I don’t understand why the hell did they put Sylvinho’s goal since it was scored in EPL not in UCL.
  • 4:10 George Weah vs Bayern. I still remember that match… He got the Ballon D`or that year (1995).
  • 5:39 bergkamp ball control to ljungberg is just exquisite!!!
  • 9:18 I can’t believe Messi is human after all. Every goal here is similar to some others out there. What about this one?
  • 9.30: The majestic Fernando Redondo ending Henning Berg’s Manchester United Career with one of the greatest move ever in football.

Great compilation. Lots of memories. I would add that that Sylvinho goal for Arsenal against Chelsea was in the Premier League – not Champions League.

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