Struggling Real Madrid star Vinicius Jr destroys loanee Kubo and most of his Getafe teammates with a lovely dribble

You do get the impression that there will be a change in the dugout at Real Madrid in the summer, so it will be interesting to see who’s fortunes change if there is a new boss.

Vinicius Jr seems like an obvious choice due to his talent, but there’s a chance that the club could still force him out after recent reports claimed he was being made into a scapegoat behind the scenes at the club.

He showed a glimpse of his quality last night against Getafe as he produced a fine run where he took at least four players on – Real Madrid loanee Kubo included:+

Eden Hazard has well documented injury issues so the Brazilian youngster should be an automatic choice to replace him on the left hand side, but there was also the infamous incident with Benzema in the tunnel so it’s clear that the veteran French striker doesn’t like him either.

There’s clearly a very talented player in there, but he’s someone to watch in the summer transfer window if Zidane sticks around in Madrid.