11 Reasons, why NO ONE should own a pit bull

They are dogs with a very strong character, that is, they are dogs that need to be trained very well. It is by no means a recommended breed for children or young people who should take care of their upbringing, as is not the case with many other breeds.

Only a responsible person with experience in caring/training dogs is suitable to own this breed.

But don’t think for a moment that we are talking badly about Pitbulls, they are possibly one of the best breeds in the world!! We are simply clear and speak without mincing words.

A well-trained and well-groomed Pitbull dog can be the most adorable dog in the world. Here are some obviously sarcastic examples of why you should never have a pit bull dog.

1.PitBulls are dogs that are always fighting

2.PitBulls eat small children and babies, they are super killers

3.Pitbulls are extremely boring dogs that never want to have fun.

4.Pitbulls get along very poorly with all other dog breeds, never together!!

5.A PitBull never wants to have fun with his human family

6.A pit bull will never respect another animal and will always attack them to eat them

7.If you have a pit bull, you can never go traveling because he hates going as tourists.

8.They are very violent and aggressive when they wake up

9.When they sleep they are very scary because they look like devil dogs

10.Pitbull puppies are so ugly and aggressive that they might attack us just by looking at them.

11.His killer dog face will scare all your friends