18 Year Old Lionel Messi Toying With Real Madrid – Messi’s First El Clasico Match !!

Messi’s first el Clasico game. 19-11-2005, 18 years of age at the Santiago Bernabeu.
The kid toyed with Zidane, Carlos, Ramos, Raul when he was only 17 years. Another reason to think he’s the greatest of all time.You have to understand he was 18…18 years old vs in the top of the league teams..a starter… taking legends like nothing
Absolutely incredible! 18yrs old Wow!! The best there was-is-or ever will be the G.O.A.T..WHAT A GOAL HE HAD SCORED!!! IMAGINE IF IT WOULD BE LEGAL…Watch video 18 year old Leo Messi:

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