Cancer? Football fans right now!

Different animals respond to pain in different ways.
Full PHOTO: Football Fans right NOW:

Humans usually moan and groan, scream or cry (which is true for most animals really). But to spot a wounded Madrid fan, just be on the look for their cry which is either in writing or verbal form. These are their famous forms of crying while trying to mask the pain:

1. Hala Madrid
2. Ronaldo is the best player in the world
3. Real Madrid is the best team in the world.
4. Messi (Pessi) sucks
5. We don’t care about laliga or copa
6. Anything about them being the kings of UCL
7. We have won more leagues than you (usually directed to a Barcelona fan)
8. Madrid will win the league
9. like if you think Ronaldo is the best.
10. Barka dogs.

If you see any of those, just know that the animal that said it is deeply hurting and needs a hug.

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