White House reporter says new ‘Trump document dump’ vindicates Michael Cohen​

A new document dump paralleling the one in prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s criminal case against Donald Trump appears to show the ex-president has been deceitful about his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Brian J. Karem, the former White House correspondent who has previously given insight into how the ex-president might be feeling, wrote in an article published on Saturday that he had filed his own public records request on the Trump and Cohen case several years ago.

“The government lies,” Karem declared before describing the multi-year process to obtaining the doc dump.

“Two and a half years ago, while doing some research, I filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request for information on former Trump fixer Michael Cohen and the investigation that led to his prosecution.

Cohen gave me permission to pursue the information; he wanted it too,” the reporter wrote. “So for the last two and a half years, with the assistance of brilliant FOIA attorney Mark Zaid and his firm, we have pursued the information to no avail. I’ve sat in Zoom meetings listening to excuse after excuse. I’ve appeared in court. Nothing has ever been done.”