The complete 2017/18 UEFA Champions League Group Stage draw!

One was a superstar Champions League winner whose first job was at Barcelona. (Well, Barca B, but it still counts.) The other worked in a bank until he was 40 and coached part-time until he decided that maybe he was good enough to make a living off football.There’s a week to go in the summer transfer window, and history tells us that anything can happen. But what we know most definitely will not happen, because of the FIFA transfer embargo, is that Chelsea’s Diego Costa won’t be lining up for Atleti when the two teams meet — although he could well be playing for them in the knockout phases.
Liverpool, who qualified after beating Hoffenheim 6-3 on aggregate on Wednesday, have been drawn with Sevilla, who beat them in the final of the Europa League in 2016. Spartak Moscow and Maribor make up the group.

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