‘Deeply embarrassed’ Jack Grealish issues apology after crash during coronavirus lockdown

Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish has taken to social media to issue an apology after he was involved in a crash during the coronavirus lockdown.

The UK government have enforced new measures to keep the general public safe with the guidelines stressing the need for all to stay home and allow the NHS to cope with the added stress of dealing with the crisis.

However, Grealish, 24, was pictured after being involved in a car crash on Sunday morning, just hours after he urged his followers to stay home and listen to the advice.

That in turn sparked a huge backlash online from pundits and media outlets, as this isn’t the first time that the Villa ace has made the headlines for the wrong reasons.

In response to that and the incident, Grealish has now posted the video below where he concedes that he is embarrassed by what has happened and reiterated the need for others to not make the same mistake as him and listen to guidelines.

It remains to be seen what further action is taken by the club and perhaps possible suitors and England boss Gareth Southgate moving forward as this doesn’t reflect well on Grealish, but ultimately he’s done the right thing by facing it head on and publicly apologising for his mistake which deserves credit.